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Accounting, Tax Planning and Preparation

While most people file taxes one time a year, decisions you make year-round affect your
potential tax liability. Hauser Jones & Sas is up to speed on all of the latest
changes to the tax code and related regulations. Unlike seasonal tax preparation stores,
we are here for our clients year-round. From short answers to in-depth counsel, our insights can
dramatically affect your financial strategy, stability and tax liability this year and for
years to come.

Tax Planning

Hauser Jones & Sas can help you take action during the current tax year to help limit
your liability next year on April 15:

  • Are there opportunities in the year ahead that you may not have had last year?
  • Will the new tax laws change the way you have been doing things for years?
  • Has your job, marital status, health or family size recently changed?
  • Did you buy or sell a home or receive an inheritance?
  • Have you made any major purchases, home improvements or investments; or are you planning to?

Tax Calendar

You are welcome to contact Hauser Jones & Sas anytime to discuss your finances and
tax strategy. Here are some key milestones to remember:

  • January- February: Schedule Your Tax Preparation
    • Collect all tax forms, reconcile your books, organize receipts
    • Fill out our questionnaire; schedule a call or meeting with your CPA to discuss your return and transfer documents
  • March - April: Tax Filing
    • Be available for questions from your CPA
  • May - December - Tax Extensions
    • Filed as needed
  • September - December: Tax Planning and Deductions
    • Schedule a call or meeting with your CPA to discuss your previous returns and develop a sound strategy for the year(s) ahead
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