Who We Are

Understanding the past; helping you plan the future

Accounting is about more than numbers, which is why at Hauser Jones & Sas we’re about people.
Relationships. Trust.

You deserve a reliable and knowledgeable partner.

Like a well-made watch, your accounting firm should always be timely and an accessory for your business planning. Complimenting what you do, always there even when the weather changes or trends shift.

At HJS, we get into the trenches with our clients – immerse ourselves in their work. Your team is our team. Your problems are our problems. We own them – and tackle them – as if they were our own priorities. Because they are.

“87% of those surveyed would recommend us to a colleague, friend, or family member.”

And you won’t get a constant sea of new faces. We have long-tenured employees who come back to the same valued clients year after year. And, unlike those giant firms, every client has access to the senior partners. They work on your projects along with staff and are always ready to promptly answer your questions – because we understand the value of time.

Isn’t it time you had an accounting, audit and tax partner you can count on? It’s time to thrive. It’s time for Hauser Jones & Sas.