Anna Nguyen Secures CPA Certification

We are thrilled to celebrate Anna Nguyen’s huge accomplishment of recently earning her Certified Public Accountant (CPA) credential. Anna’s journey exemplifies the combination of natural talent and nurtured skill that we value at Hauser Jones & Sas.

Anna first felt drawn to accounting back in college, thanks to a passionate professor who made the subject come alive. That class not only gave Anna the technical foundation she needed, but also sparked a passion within her. She realized accounting was a great fit for her strengths and interests, ultimately steering her toward the profession.

At HJ&S, Anna has found her niche where her passion for accounting is matched by the firm’s commitment to a supportive and collaborative work environment. She attributes much of her positive experience to the accessible leadership and the supportive figures like Ms. Felicia Carnes from the admin team, who ensure that every team member is poised for success.

Anna praises the vibrant, youthful culture of HJ&S, a place where the professional well-being is a priority. The firm’s environment encourages proactive engagement and leadership, allowing individuals like Anna to flourish.

Even though Anna passed her CPA exams before joining HJ&S, she credits the firm as critical in her professional journey, providing invaluable practical experience and endorsing her professional capabilities. The firm’s support extends beyond just the CPA designation, fostering continuous professional education and specialization in the accounting field.

Anna is tremendously grateful for the wealth of opportunities and steadfast support she’s received at HJ&S. She’s proud to now hold her CPA license and looks forward to contributing her expertise and reaching new heights in her career.

Please join us in celebrating this significant milestone for Anna! Her journey with HJ&S has been transformative, and we are lucky to have her on our team.