Supreme Court Considers Sound Governance

The Supreme Court is reviewing sound governance practices again as it relates to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s status as an independent agency.  Previously in 2020, the Supreme court ruled that the CFPB’s structure violated the separation of powers

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2024 NACHA Rule Update

Recently, developments have been made concerning NACHA’s efforts to combat fraud in credit-push payments.   NACHA has recently introduced a comprehensive set of new rules under its “Risk Management Framework for the era of Credit Push Fraud.”

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Hauser Jones and Sas Accounting Google is not a CPA

Google Is Not A CPA

These days, it seems like everything can be answered by Google. In fact, when I googled “How many Google searches are made in a day?” Google came back with a very thorough answer (very promptly, I might add). The answer is 3.5 billion by the way. Every day,

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Hauser Jones and Sas 1031 Real Estate Exchange

What Good is a 1031 Exchange?

If you own real estate investment property, you have probably heard the term 1031 exchange at least once, but until you are considering upgrading or selling your property, you might not really know what it means or when you might benefit from it. What is a 1031

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Save time and tax fees - image of an anxious man with an adding machine

How To Save Time And Tax Fees

As I have said before on this blog (and with countless clients) it is always our goal to save you money and time. With that in mind, I made this list of a few simple things that can save you time and tax fees while adding value: 1. Divide, Organize (and Conquer)

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Investment Graph

Happy New Year

It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone. Some of you have been with us for decades, and others are new to the family. However long you have been a client or otherwise affiliated with Hauser Jones & Sas, we want to thank you for choosing us. To

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