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Google Is Not A CPA

These days, it seems like everything can be answered by Google.

In fact, when I googled “How many Google searches are made in a day?” Google came back with a very thorough answer (very promptly, I might add). The answer is 3.5 billion by the way. Every day, 3.5 BILLION searches on Google – amazing.

Resist the Temptation

While it may be tempting to have Google answer all the questions and give you all the advice…do not let it give you a false sense of security.

Google knows a lot of things and it is a very useful tool. However, Google is not a doctor. Google is not a lawyer. And Google is not a CPA.

Consider The Tax Code

The internet is full of information – and a lot of it is out of date. Something you google today with the tax code could be out of date tomorrow. Everything you searched for last year? It is very likely that something has changed. It could be small, sure, but what if it isn’t? Also, Google won’t suggest something to you that you’re unaware of. Google doesn’t care. Google only answers the questions you ask.

This is why you need an accountant to help with your taxes.

We know what is current. We are constantly researching and staying up to date on all those little nuances and adjustments because it’s our job!

If you wanted to stay up to date on tax codes and invest all your time in accounting, you would have become an accountant. My colleague, Anne, wrote a great article a few months ago about how to lower your chances of being audited. The number one tip?

Hire an accountant! So, with taxes due in just over a month, I invite you to reach out. If you have not yet hired someone to help with your 2018 taxes, let’s chat. We would love to help.

Elisa Mueller

Elisa Mueller

Elisa joined Hauser Jones and Sas after having worked in industry as well as with a national public accounting firm. She is a CPA and also has her MBA, and uses both while working with small business owners on their goals and how she can help get them there. She loves using her diverse work and educational background to help her be a translator for small businesses who don’t know what they need and how to ask for it, and Elisa is always happy to discuss planning opportunities with her clients.