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Succession Stories – Horiuchi, Zimmerman & Bartels

Welcome Horiuchi, Zimmerman & Bartels!

We are proud to welcome Sue Zimmerman, Susan Bartels and the entire HZB team, clients and friends into our South Sound office. The combination of our two firms will make us the largest independent CPA firm serving Puyallup, Auburn and the Sumner valley.

In addition, this merger will allow us to expand the services available to HZB clients, to include full financial statement auditing, internal control testing, forensic accounting, succession planning, and more.

We would not have undertaken a merger with just any firm – far from it. We have found that the culture, business style and mix of clients between our two firms is very complimentary and we are excited for the future together.

Success and Succession

Our clients and the local business communities are enhanced with the success and continuation of strong local companies; and a robust local CPA firm is important to community success.

This merger between our two firms is a perfect example of a real success story because we have come together to overcome many of the challenges facing small business today, including the problem of an aging boomer population, the shortage of qualified talent and an enduring system of corporate governance. The future together continues to be bright.

Why Do Succession Planning?

Whether it is planning for a sale at retirement, or for growth, or for transitioning ownership or wealth to the next generation; succession planning is critical for all of us – With proper strategies in place, business owners and families can remain independent, stay in control, enhance profitability and marketability, and preserve their legacy.

Our merger is a good example of how succession planning can work really well. We welcome all the new faces and we are excited to be working together.

Find Us in the South Sound

We are taking up residence in downtown Puyallup but serving the entire south sound area.
You can also find us on Facebook and LinkedIn, and we would love to connect with you there. And, as always, reach out to any of us if you have further thoughts or questions. We are here for you, and ready to help.