Ellen M. Sas, CPA

Ellen M. Sas, CPA | esas@hauserjonesandsas.com
Areas of Expertise:
  • Auditing, Tax and Accounting
  • Regulatory Compliance (BSA, ACH, SAFE Act, etc.) Financial Reporting
  • Timely Support and Advice
  • Internal Auditing
  • Closely Held Business
  • Fin-Tech
  • Community Banks and alternative lenders
  • High-net-worth Individuals and Families
Our Go-To CPA For:
  • Board Engagement and Planning
  • Strategy and Organizational Planning
  • Shareholder and Family Wealth Management

Not all little girls grow up wanting to be accountants, but from a very early age Ellen Sas saw just how awesome they could be. Her father was an orthopedic surgeon, and she grew up around military bases for most of her life. Great doctors don’t always make great businessmen, so her Uncle Jan would arrive every few years to organize her father’s books, smooth things over with the IRS and keep him out of jail. Uncle Jan, a CPA, was quite the hero in her family’s eyes.

Ellen graduated from the University of Washington, became a CPA and soon was a successful business leader. She served as the CEO of two independent community banks, as the Chief Risk Officer of a $5 billion commercial bank, and as a special consultant to more than a dozen community banks. In 1999, Ellen was one of the youngest female audit partners in the audit practice of the firm currently known as RSM McGladrey.

Ellen is now the managing partner at Hauser Jones & Sas. She carries an impressive record of experience, background, and credentials within our practice. She also leads our financial services consulting group (Sync Financial Partners).

Now with 25+ years of experience, Ellen has figured out the “secret sauce” of being a CPA with trusted advisor status -Just like Uncle Jan. Every day she gets to help other individuals, families, businesses, and their owners find ways to minimize taxes, improve their business, increase cash flow, or help in other meaningful ways while seeing them achieve both personal and business financial goals. She enjoys using her financial expertise to help others succeed in their business and most of all, she values the relationships developed along the way.

Professional Affiliations:

Ellen is a member of the AICPA, a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors and on the Board and Finance/Audit Committee Chair of Bellwether Housing and has been a member of the governing board of many different nonprofit organizations in varying capacities for many years.


A Puget Sound native, Ellen graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Ellen is a licensed CPA and graduated from the University of Virginia School of Banking.