Terms & Conditions

Our terms & conditions

For the convenience of our valued customers, Hauser Jones & Sas has added several streamlined payment options, with methods that include on-line, same-day credit card payments and one-time (or scheduled) EFT payments. We have partnered with QuickFee (www.quickfee.com) for processing both credit card and EFT payments – but you should know that a separate fee will apply for this convenience. For example, credit card payments will be charged a processing fee equal to 3% of the payment amount (this fee applies for credit card payments whether you pay via quick fee or call into our office to submit a credit card payment directly to us).

In addition, as another option, QuickFee may offer to finance some or all of the amounts you owe to HJ&S; but you should know that a minimum balance of $2,000 is required before this becomes an option, and you should also know that not all financing requests will be approved by QuickFee – the financing decision is up to their discretion. If approved for an extended payment plan using the scheduled EFT feature, then no credit card fees would be charged, but there would be an additional finance charge for scheduled EFT payment terms extending beyond 30 days.

The QuickFee payment processing method is for your convenience but charges will apply – so before you elect to use this payment channel please carefully read the terms and conditions associated with it.