Hauser Jones & Sas PLLC Welcomes the Clients of JW Torrance & Associates!



FAQ for New Clients

Thank you for joining us at HJ&S. Alongside Jeff we have been working tirelessly to learn about the details of your account and prepare for assisting you through the 2021 tax filing season. To get started working with HJ&S, we need your authorization to access any of your confidential information, including past tax returns, accounting or payroll records and investment accounts. We have provided the following FAQ to assist you navigate this transition:

Q: How do I provide you authorization to view our confidential account information.
A: From our “” email account we recently sent you a consent request that allows you to easily provide your approval for us to review your past records. If you have not received this request or can’t find it, feel free to email us at and we will resend it.

Q: Will my fees at HJ&S be comparable to JWT?
A: One of the reasons that JWT and HJ&S have agreed to collaborate on this transition is the similarity of clients and fee structures between the two firms. However, due to the acute labor shortage and strong inflationary pressure HJ&S has increased professional fees by 8% to 10% over the prior year. While we cannot promise that fees will remain the same as before, we do promise to be transparent and do our best to avoid surprises.

Q: With Jeff transitioning out to greener pastures, who will be my go-to-person?
A: The partners at HJ&S are working with Jeff to determine client assignments and that process should be completed by the end of January 2022. Although you will be assigned a key point of contact as the primary point person on your account, at HJ&S most clients appreciate our team approach to service. By using a team approach we can assign work at the appropriate skill level and also add resources so that you always have a point of contact in case your primary person is on vacation or unable to respond quickly. Your team will likely consist of a partner-level person, a manager or senior and a tax administrator, at a minimum.

Q: Are all the JWT staff going to join HJ&S team?
A: Yes – We are proud to confirm that we have extended offers to all JWT staff and expect most to start immediately, or within the near term.

Q: What are Next Steps?
A: Once you have provided your consent for us to assist, your HJ&S team will review your past tax filings and accounting records, schedule and assign your project for completion and then reach out to introduce ourselves. In addition, we will send you a tax organizer to complete just in case that is something you are used to. In addition, we will send you a tax services engagement letter that spells out our terms of service and once completed, begin to work on your account.

Q: What if I don’t Want to Use the Tax Organizer?
A: No problem – you don’t need to use the tax organizer document, just let us know and we will figure out the best way to work together for document and information exchange.

Q: Do you have tax and accounting specialists knowledgeable in my industry?
A: Although we cannot claim to have expertise in every type of business or tax situation, our team is very well versed in many industries including real estate, finance, professional services, construction, health care, hospitality, and many others. We work extensively with individuals and investors who have complex tax situations involving trusts, real estate holdings, foreign interests, and other dealings.

Q: What if I have further questions?
A: We are not able to answer all questions in this FAQ so if you have additional questions about our firm, next steps, or any other topic – please do not hesitate to contact us. Roger A. Jones, CPA [a founding partner] is handling all initial JWT client inquiries and concerns, and he can be reached at or at 425.890.4932. Alternatively, you can submit an inquiry through our website contact form.